About the Filmmakers

Jemma van Loenen (Writer, Director & Co-Producer)
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 2.25.53 pmJemma is a Melbourne based Writer and Director. She completed an Advanced Diploma in Screenwriting at RMIT, and a Certificate 3 in Screen (Documentary). She is the Writer and Director of the shorts Little Bird (2010), winning Best Drama and People’s Choice at RMIT Film Awards; Lily & Lani (2011), invited to participate in Court Metrage at Cannes Film Festival; Evie Wants A Baby (2012), winning Best Actress (short category) at Melbourne Underground Film Festival, and Best Screenplay at LDUB Film Festival (USA); and Raymond Taylor’s Earnest Adventure in Love (2013). She has recently completed her 5th short Falling (2016), and is in production on the documentary Bam Bam. In her spare time she loves to work on other screen projects as an Assistant Director and Production Manager. Photo Credit: Phill Northwood


Phill Northwood (Producer)

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Phill has extensive experience in project management in the IT sector. He has a keen interest in film, and has produced numerous short films, which have screened and won awards both locally and internationally. Phill adopts a can-do attitude to all of his work, seeking strategic solutions to create a timely and quality result. He has brandished a camera since sporting a mullet was fashion, and loves to shoot stills. He also runs second camera for our documentary Bam Bam. Phill is the production backbone of our company, filling in the gaps and bringing home the bacon. He is passionate about bringing fresh eyes to unseen stories and subcultures, and raising the bar, whether that be in production values, story or the world we live in. Photo Credit: Jason Lau


Will Sheridan (Director of Photography)

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Will is a multi-talented cinematographer. A member of the Victorian Committee of the Australian Cinematographers’ Society, and senior ‘prep tech’ for Video Australasia, he has  a comprehensive knowledge of video technology. He completed an Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media at RMIT in 2010. He has worked as an underwater videographer filming Great Barrier Reef locations, with his work featuring on Channel 7 and 9. He has undertaken a cinematography attachment on feature film Turkey Shoot Reloaded, and he shot the short film Go Fish, screening in Cannes Court Mertage, Rhode Island & Long Beach International Film Festivals and St Kilda Film Festival Top 100. Will combines creative flair, technical finesse and a meticulous eye for detail with the nuances of great visual storytelling.


Glenn Taylor (Sound Recordist)

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Respected DJ, sound designer and location mixer, Glenn grew up with music in his blood, playing guitar. A deep passion for sound and music has seen him undertake intense periods of study into the esoteric nature of sound. His first foray into film sound began in the early 2000’s with a digital media project, working with cellist Michael Conolan, composer Richard Mills and Australian comedy personalities John Clarke and Magda Szubanski. Glenn has since worked on numerous screen projects including short and feature films, documentaries and advertising, many of which have screened and won awards locally and internationally.  Always fine-tuning his skills to record the best dialogue and foley sound, Glenn is the consummate professional and all-round nice guy. Photo Credit: Faces By Raphael