Introducing Our Story Producer Melanie Killingsworth

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We are very pleased to announce Story Producer Melanie Killingsworth has come on board the Bam Bam train. Melanie will be working with us to bring our film from rough cut to final cut, refining the story to create a more succinct and dynamic narrative. We are very excited to have her expertise as she brings a fresh approach to the project. Melanie is also a writer, director, and showrunner based in Melbourne, Australia. After earning a degree in Humanities and Writing, she worked as a video editor for several film productions, before transitioning to story producing and showrunning. She has experience in American and Australian productions, from short films to feature documentaries to narrative fiction series. She’s worked for networks such as FOX, HULU, and VH1, and is currently directing episodes 1 and 4 of Melbourne-based series Neighbourhood Watch, and the pilot for a futuristic web anthology.  We look forward to bringing you the results of our new collaboration.